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Established in 2007, Superheroes Anonymous is an annual team-up event, uniting real-life superheroes, extreme altruists, and costumed adventurers from around the world, for a weekend of workshops, team-building exercises, and creative community service. We strive to be the superhero-version of ourselves and inspire others through our actions.


Founded by Ben Goldman and Chaim Lazaros as an annual conference for superheroes, Superheroes Anonymous has since become the legitimate face of the real-life superhero movement – bringing superheroes together in the real world to effect positive change.

Superheroes Anonymous hosts bi-monthly meetings that are open to the public. These meetings are intended to inspire the inner superhero by bringing established real life superheroes together with aspiring superheroes. We will help individuals develop their superhero persona, educate them about the work of superheroes and organize large-scale patrols and missions.


The first meeting of Superheroes Anonymous was held in October 2007 in Times Square, New York where superheroes met for the first time and helped the homeless, cleaned up the streets and patrolled the area doing random acts of kindness. It was the first such meeting of its kind and attracted widespread media attention, most notably from The New York Times.

In 2008, the second annual conference took place in New Orleans, LA in collaboration with The Black Ghost. For this event, the Superheroes Anonymous team drove 10 superheroes cross country in an RV, stopping in various destinations along the way to do good. Upon arriving in New Orleans, we rebuilt homes with Habitat for Humanity, cleaned up a school with All Congregations Together, helped the local homeless and marched against youth violence with Silence is Violence. We then gathered on the steps of City Hall as city officials declared it The Day of the Superheroes.

SA3 was held in New Bedford, MA aka “The Secret City,” on Labor Day weekend 2009. The conference was spearheaded by New Bedford-based superhero Civitron. Superheroes, extreme altruists and community activists from all over the country came together at Rebelo’s Kenpo Karate studio to contribute to the conference: self defense; first aid/CPR; patrol techniques; physical fitness and even costume design were among the topics discussed. In addition to the workshop series, our heroes brought care packages to a local homeless shelter, participated in a neighborhood cleanup, patrolled with the Guardian Angels and hosted a food drive and concert by local hip-hop artist/community activist Tem Blessed.

In 2010, Zetaman led the charge in Portland, OR. There, the heroes worked with the American Red Cross and the Oregon Food Bank. Superheroes Anonymous participated in a coat drive/community cookout, marched in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure and followed Zetaman on a massive homeless outreach effort through the streets of downtown Portland, bringing supplies, food and water to dozens of people living on the streets.

Today, Superheroes Anonymous continues to host our annual conference, as well as bi-monthly street outreach events, focused on providing aid to the homeless and other people in need. Our chapters are located in New York, NY and New Bedford, MA. To learn how you can get involved, “Contact” a chapter near you, and strive to be the superhero-version of yourself!

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  1. “Private Freedom approves” of your most worthy endeavor! Mine is a mission to raise public awareness and money for veterans in need, as well as community service.

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